Visiting Volcan de Lemptégy !

Come discover a volcano !

Volcanoes ! Who can remain indifferent to such a fascinating world ?

As you explore this Volcano on foot or on board of our little train, led by an experienced guide, you will learn about volcanism in a hands-on and fun way, and share in the history of its industrial heritage. You will be astounded by the site’s immensity. Imagine… 30 000 years ago, first one volcano, then two, gave birth to the Volcan de Lemptégy.

Today, they sleep peacefully, you can touch volcanic bombs, walk along the lava flow, and meander through the volcanic vents.

Visits of this unique 100% natural site are organized in five stages (Total visit: approx. 2 hours 45 minutes):

  • 1. On foot or on board of our little train, enjoy an interactive visit lasting 1 hour and 15 minutes, with an enthusiastic guide who will lead you to the depths of the Volcano so you can admire its anatomy. You’ll discover everything there is to know about slag, bombs and volcanic vents! Two or three stops are scheduled along the way to give you a chance to talk with your guide, examine rocks, etc.

  • 2. The industrial past is revealed in “l’Âme de Lemptégy” (The heart and soul of Lemptégy). Wind your way through the old equipment used by the quarrymen: the trommel, the rock crusher, the screen (audio equipped), etc.
  • 3. The dynamic 4D film “Aux Origines”: un merveilleux périple dans la Chaîne des Puys (Back to the origins: an incredible journey through the Chaîne des Puys)
  • 4. At the fun “The Exploding Mine” attraction, you’ll experience an eruption down inside a mine.
  • 5. Before or after the visit, stop by our exhibition room to see rock samples and learn about research being conducted at Lemptégy; you can also view a film on the world of quarrymen.
  • Parking bus / Souvenir shop / Transportation by train for people with reduced mobility / The New Dynamic Movie « Aux Origines » offers simultaneous translation in English, german, Spanish…


AT 15 minutes, discover another naturel site :

La Grotte de la Pierre de Volvic ?

The site, its origins

La Grotte de la Pierre caverns is an ancient underground quarry dug in the heart of a lava flow from the Nugère Volcano which erupted 13 000 years ago.

Life in the city of Volvic took a turn for the better thanks to the operation of this mine in the late 13th century. This stone was used in the construction of many buildings in Auvergne. It is considered a noble material, still used by craftsmen today.

An original, four-part scenovision (Duration: approx. 1 hour)

You will explore five scenes accompanied by Jules Cotte, you will discover the quarry and the worksite, the secret of Volvic water, the history and evolution of quarries and the daily life in Volvic.

FOCUS ON : New step « La Pierre Eternelle » about the handcraft above Volvic stone today.

Further informations about grotte de la Pierre de Volvic : web site